Why are Diamonds Used for Engagement Rings?

Apart from this, there are certain psychological reasons as well for choosing diamond engagement rings. Some of the answers to “why are diamonds used for engagement rings” are given below.



A Symbol of Eternity

The hardness and durability of a diamond are supreme, and hence, it can withstand daily wear and tear to a great extent when compared to other gemstones. This quality is really crucial for diamond engagement rings as you wear it for a lifetime. Other than this, people consider this quality to represent an eternal love and commitment in their relationship as well.

Something Special

Most buyers think that a diamond engagement ring is the most unique thing they can gift to their partners. The utmost qualities of diamond such as cut, clarity, color, and carat weight of diamonds make it perfect for timeless gifts; people usually relate these qualities of diamonds to all the inner virtues of a person.

Social Status

The size of a diamond engagement ring is a great factor when it comes to the social status of a person. The bigger the size, the higher is the status. Hence, people usually go for extravagant diamond rings to symbolize their pride and repute as well.

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