Which is the Best Diamond Shape for Engagement Rings?

Luckily, there are many options for mesmerizing diamond shapes and some of the trendy diamond shapes are listed below.

Oval Shape






An oval shape diamond engagement ring features symmetrical as well as an extended profile that is perfect to make your finger look elongated. This unconventional beauty is really a compellingly elegant and timeless aesthetic as well. This supreme diamond shape is ideal for the brides who love traditional engagement rings with an edgy twist.

Pear Shape

Another trendy design raging in diamond engagement field is the pear shape or the teardrop shape. This is one of the most sophisticated and elite shapes that have adopted some features of oval and marquise shapes as well. With the slender and round pointed ends, it is best suited for brides who need something different and sophisticated.

Marquise Shape

Bearing a long and narrow structure, this is one of the edgy diamond engagement shapes. The distinct profile of marquise diamonds enhances the size of the gemstone and is best suited for people with both wide fingers, as the particular shape of this gemstone will make your finger look leaner.

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