Which Finger and Hand to Wear your Wedding Ring on

Which Finger and Hand to Wear your Wedding Ring on

No one questions this practice unless they want a change, which speaks of something new and unique. So how did this tradition come to be?

It started with the Egyptians, who believed this finger has a vein running directly to the heart. Since then, this choice of finger became synonymous with everlasting love between a couple. Everything from 3 band diamond wedding rings to plain bands is worn on this finger.

However, this trend changes with the place you are. In Norway, Denmark, and Spain, people do things a little differently. While they do wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger, it is on the right hand and not the left. The Bible too blesses this practice, seeing the right hand as the ‘good’ one.

Practicality recommends the left hand because you do not use it as much as the right one. The ring finger to is the least used after the pinkie. These factors enhance the security of the diamond ring, although maybe not for left-handed people. For them, the right-hand makes more sense to wear a wedding ring on.

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