Which Diamond Ring Settings are the Most Secure

Which Diamond Ring Settings are the Most Secure

A diamond ring is an expensive item, and no one could even imagine losing diamond in an engagement ring. To avoid the anxiety, you should either choose a diamond ring setting that is less prone to make the gem fall off, or take off the ring when doing something active.



Not all settings are equally sturdy, so if yours is not strong enough to withstand a small bump, it can knock the gemstone out of the mounting. If one or more gemstones are missing from the diamond ring, it will be quite disastrous. Yet it can happen especially if the accent or side stones are small and depending on the setting.

You can select a diamond ring in numerous settings. It is said that pave set diamonds, invisible set diamonds, and inlaid gems are more susceptible to damages and accidental falls. On the other hand, the one in which metal prongs hold the gemstone in place is considered the most secure setting, after the bezel setting, of course.

That does not mean these settings are hundred percent sure to protect the diamond mounted or arranged in the ring band. With wear and tear, the metal claws are subject to bend and loosen the gem and that may cause it to fall off the next time it is bumped. All that means care is of utmost importance to keep the diamond jewelry safe.

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