What you Should Know about Cleaning White Gold Diamond Rings

This ring metal is composed of white metals combined with yellow gold, giving it its characteristic silvery color. These rings have rhodium plating and thus require specific cleaning methods to preserve this coating.

Household cleaning agents would be perfect for a cleaning white gold diamond engagement ring. You need to prepare a solution by using a mixture of soap and warm water. Afterward, you need to immerse the ring fully in this solution and leave it for about 30 minutes or so. You can then use a toothbrush or specialized jewelry cleaning brush to scrub the ring surface for clearing the accumulated dirt.

Take the ring out and then thoroughly rinse it under running water, so that all of the accumulated dirt and soap will get removed. It is important to dry the ring completely before you wear it, to prevent mold growth. While wearing, you need to ensure that the ring is not exposed to any household chemicals. It is advised to remove the ring during such situations so as not to corrode the white gold, which can result in it losing its luster.

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