What to Know about Jewelry Repair

What to Know about Jewelry Repair

It always takes a professional to do jewelry repair the right way, although not to tell you the following things.




Even High-Class Jewelry Needs Periodic Maintenance

Despite what many believe, gemstones and metals used in jewelry are not indestructible. In fact, platinum, gold, and silver, which are the most commonly used metals, are relatively soft, which means they can be scratched or even bent from sufficient force. Even daily wear can have that effect because we often underestimate how hard we are on our jewelry.

Some Gems are Harmed by Heat

Diamonds are not the only gems out there. There are some exceedingly precious stones that, unlike jewelry diamonds, get easily damaged on being exposed to too much heat. For this reason, a lot of care needs to be taken when performing repairs involving the application of heat to a stone-studded jewelry piece.

A Sized-Up Ring Carries More Metal, Not Less

Sizing up a ring does not involve stretching it until it gets as big as you want it. Instead, the jeweler cuts it and opens it up to a specific amount. Then, a new metal piece matching the band in shape and color is placed in the gap and welded or soldered.

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