What to Do When a Gold Ring Becomes Brittle?

If you own a heart pink diamond ring that not only costs a pretty penny but also holds memories you want to hold on to, then chances are you would try to take good care of it. A number of things could come in the way of that, such as the gold band turning brittle.



What to Do if you See Tiny Pits on a Gold Band’s Surface

These pits are usually pores, but you might want to take the ring in and make sure of it first. Pores are tiny holes made in the structure, which can result from a variety of factors. The main thing you need to focus on is that after enough of these appear, the ring can break easily. The best way forward is getting it re-made by a jeweler with state-of-the-art equipment, and preferably, renowned skill in such work.

If you are already of a mind to replace it, that would in fact be a good idea. This also gives you the chance to arrange any re-designing you may have been looking forward to.

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