What to Check When Selecting a Channel Set Wedding Ring

What to Check When Selecting a Channel Set Wedding Ring

It is a circle no one else can break into, the primal sign of lasting love, the unspoken promise.

If you are unwilling to limit the most special ring in your life to a plain setting, consider getting a channel cut diamond ring. Rings with the latter are very popular, containing diamonds that are set in channel formation around the band. This design is both smooth and intricate.

Most couples choose gold, which is also the traditional choice for wedding bands. If you have delicate hands, the ring should be delicate as well. Additionally, keep in mind that a smoother diamond ring design is better if you do not want the ring to snag on every surface it comes in even short contact with.

It is a great idea to get a wedding ring that closely hugs the engagement ring. Every time she looks at her finger, it should remind her of the warmth and love she shares with her husband.

Consider stackable rings as well. These have always been in style, and that does not look like it will change anytime soon.

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