What Makes Princess Cut Diamond Rings Unique

Customers who are planning to buy princess cut diamond rings or any other kind of diamond rings should take note of the fact that the shape of a diamond is often referred to as its cut. However, the commonly used term of diamond cut is entirely a different term, as it means how well the diamond is polished from its raw material.

The princess cut is actually the square version of the famous round cut and it usually contains either 57 or 76 facets with a 1.0 to 1.05 ratio. The pyramidal shape of princess cut diamond rings with four beveled sides creates greater light dispersion when compared to other rectangular and square shaped diamonds. This in turn makes the diamond an ideal choice for solitaire engagement rings.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings are a preferred choice for many customers mainly because they are an ideal choice for eternity bands. Additionally, the sharply squared corners of princess cut diamonds make them the best engagement ring option for the ones with long fingers. In fact, the contemporary square cut of the diamond is capable of adding more beauty and elegance to the fingers of your loved one and it would make him/her feel really special on the wedding day.

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