What Makes Natural Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Popular?

What Makes Natural Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Popular?

Traditional white diamond rings with solitaire setting have been up there at the top in terms of popularity for long. Yet again, couples are looking for stylish wedding bands these days, which distinctly exhibit emotions and serve as a personal statement.

A diamond turns pink owing to deformation in the gemstone’s crystal structure. Much like some of the other colored diamonds, even pink is rarely mined from mines in select countries. Its rarity and limited supply make pink diamonds pricey.

Pink diamond rings symbolize romance, creativity, love, and femininity. Apparently, proposing a lover with a heart-shaped pink colored diamond would be the most romantic way to convey your feelings in the purest form. What’s more, you can choose natural pink diamond engagement rings in a plethora of designs, hues, and intensities. For instance, the colored diamond can range from purplish to orangish-pink and even ones with brownish shades.

Note that a gemstone with least pinkish intensity will look pink only if it is not mounted, and will not exhibit the pinkish hue once it is set. Therefore, it is advisable to select natural pink diamond engagement rings with an apt shade that may not appear colorless after the setting.

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