What Makes Diamond Tension Setting So Popular

What Makes Diamond Tension Setting So Popular

The pressure applied by the metal bands offer additional protection to the stone.

Most tension diamond rings look unusual, unique, and great, which means that they are ideal for women who are in search of unique diamond rings. Apart from that, these rings also offer greater visibility to the center stone or diamond that is set within them.


However, several customers are a bit hesitant to buy a diamond tension ring because they are a relatively expensive option. In addition to that, diamond rings that are set in a classical tension setting are less secure when compared to diamonds set in a prong or bezel setting. So, the wearer will have to be extremely careful while wearing tension diamond rings.

Another drawback of tension diamond rings is that setting a new stone in these types of diamond rings can be extremely expensive and hard. Moreover, resizing a diamond tension ring is also a difficult task.

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