What is an Invisible Set Princess Cut Diamond Ring?

You probably already know that there are different types of diamond ring settings like prong, bezel, tension, channel, etc. In all these types of settings you may be able to see the setting metal used and can identify the setting type just by looking at it. However, this is not the case with invisible settings. Invisible diamond ring settings create the illusion that the diamond or other gemstones in the ring are held in place by nothing.

Invisible settings can be used in conjunction with any type of diamond cut. For instance, in an invisible set princess cut diamond ring, diamonds are mounted on a metal framework with small channels cut in their bases and the metal framework rail fit into these grooves. Due to this technique, the settings remain invisible.

The major problem with an invisible set princess cut diamond ring is that the stones here are more prone to failing. As this setting is complex to create, if the framework or channels do not fit well, the gemstones may be loosely mounted. Though repairing is possible to an extent, it would be tough to repair the ring if the grooves are badly damaged. In addition, the original diamond, once set in to the setting, might have unique cuts that correctly fit into the grooves, therefore replacing them would be nearly impossible.

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