What is a Diamond Wishbone Ring?

What is a Diamond Wishbone Ring?

Some of the in-depth details about a wishbone diamond ring are given below.


If a person gets a wishbone diamond ring, it is believed that one of his/her wishes is going to be fulfilled in the near future. Hence, it got the name. Additionally, the ring also symbolizes luck and hence, people often gift a wishbone diamond ring to their friends or relatives in order to wish them good luck as well.

Wedding Diamond Ring

Apart from being a lucky charm, a diamond wishbone ring is ideal to wear with your engagement ring. In most cases, a diamond engagement ring showcases a solitaire or halo settings. A wishbone diamond ring with ‘V’ design is perfect to complement such settings when compared to normal wedding bands.

A Wide Range of Diamond Ring Designs

There is a wide range of diamond wishbone ring designs that you may consider. You can either combine these rings with your diamond engagement ring or simply wear it separately. Additionally, these rings can be designed with various metal type as well as diamond shapes.

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