What is a Solitaire Setting in a Diamond Ring?

The solitaire setting can feature in other types of jewelry as well, including those used by men. It has been around for ages in gems and jewelry segment and is considered vintage.

When it comes to solitaire necklaces, for instance, a diamond stays either suspended from the chain or is set on it. Solitaire earrings, on the other hand, feature a diamond per earring. Solitaire style puts emphasis on the aesthetics of diamond in a particular jewelry.

When purchasing diamond rings, it is essential to understand the 4 C’s of the gemstone, its model, as well as setting. A diamond ring’s metal can be of gold, platinum, or white gold, or any other less-popular metals. Prong is the vintage setting in a diamond ring, which comprises of small metal prongs being bent down as well as pressed against the gemstone in order to securely hold it in place.

Bezel setting has the diamond set as the center stone of the ring. On the other hand, tension setting often features in solitaire diamond rings with the gemstone being held in place owing to the tension of the metal band.

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