What is a Cushion Cut Diamond Ring?

Recently, these cuts are even more famous since celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Naya Rivera, and Kaley Cuoco started to wear it. Read below to know what is a cushion cut diamond ring.



The cushion cut diamond is square or rectangular with rounded edges creating a softer pillowy aesthetic, and hence the name. This cut has the most number of style variants with 58 to 64 facets. Traditional cuts return light in a chunkier pattern compared to modern cuts. There are many modified cushion cuts too known by specific names such as broken glass, chunky cushions, crushed ice, square cushions, rectangular cushions, old miners, and pillow cut.

These diamonds are one of the most brilliant cuts available nowadays as they have many facets in the pavilion or the base of the diamonds. These facets with the open square shape on the table create a beautiful prismatic effect with tremendous fire, which everyone loves about diamonds. Yet another property of these cuts is that they retain the stone’s color making it a very popular choice for engagement rings.

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