What Influences the Price of a Four Carat Diamond?

No matter whether you are planning to celebrate an anniversary or pop the question to the love of your life, a 4 carat diamond ring would be the perfect way to express just how you feel. After all, it is only once in a lifetime that people save up the money to make such a big purchase on such a joyous occasion. That can give you an estimate about the four carat diamond ring price. Yet again, it is not as easy and absolute figure, since factors such as the 4 C’s of diamond and even the market trends influence a diamond ring’s price.

For instance, if you were looking for a round brilliant cut diamond with D color grading and Internally Flawless properties, the price could range up to half a million dollars. That is owing to their quality as well as rarity. On the contrary, a round diamond with H color and VS2 or eye-clean clarity would come at a fraction of that price.

Moreover, even as the latter diamond is affordable in comparison to the former, its cut is better when it comes to the optics of the gemstone. In other words, the H color VS2 diamond will be more brilliant and have much better edge-to-edge brightness, even if both the gemstones are of equal carat weight.

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