What are the Benefits of a Cathedral Setting Diamond Ring

Similar to most diamond ring settings, the cathedral setting uses the supporting arches to hold the center diamond in the same way as prongs or bezels do. Its raised design is a key characteristic and one that separates from most ring designs.



The arches, that hold the diamond, keep it elevated so that the diamond stays highly visible and sparkle well. The setting features a complicated design with the elegance that can give the wearer a unique statement while wearing. The raised design gives more prominence to the diamond, thus enhancing its appearance. The other benefit of a cathedral setting diamond ring is that it provides maximum protection to the center diamond.



The arches securely hold the center diamond firmly at its place without loosening when subjected to impacts or accidental drops. The stone is set low enough within the arches so as not to protrude out that gives effective protection against scratches or direct hits. Besides, it has the advantage of going well with any kind of budget, and there are several simple and complex designs in cathedral set diamond rings as well, that can suit the requirements of budget conscious and other buyers.

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