What are Diamond Filigree Rings?

What are Diamond Filigree Rings?

However, some people may prefer more stylish looks by giving the ring more details. For those who prefer stylish details in the ring, diamond filigree rings are the best choice as these rings have intricate details on it.

Filigree is basically a type of fine metalwork for creating delicate looping, scrolling, and geometrical designs in a ring. For creating these filigree details, thin metal threads are soldered to the jewelry piece made of same metal. These threads can be used to create freestanding designs like a floral filigree.

Filigree design can be directly applied to the metal surface that looks as if it has been sculpted or engraved on the band. As these threads are a separate part, the filigree looks delicate and dainty. The filigree designs are mostly found on vintage-inspired rings

There is a huge variety of these designs, and each era had a specific popular pattern. For example, flower filigree petals were popular in the Victorian period, extravagant scrollwork was admired during the Edwardian era, and geometric patterns were trending in the Art Deco period. Hence, when you are looking for diamond filigree rings, consider the era you wish your ring to imitate.

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