What are Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds?

What are Antique Cushion Cut Diamonds?

Antique cushion cut diamonds have a culet that you can see through the table of the diamond. In addition, antique cushion cuts have a smaller table surface when compared to modern cushion cut versions. Moreover, the pavilion and crown in antique cushion pieces are a lot deeper and higher. Below are three of the most famous cushion cut diamonds known to man.

Three Famous Antique Cushion Diamonds

The Cullinan II – The Cullinan II was the largest diamond ever discovered and cut by Joseph Asscher into an antique square cushion cut.

Agra Diamond – Filled with brilliance and history, the Agra Diamond was gifted to Babur by the King of Gwalior as a repayment for sparing his life.

Hope Diamond – The Hope Diamond is a deep blue antique cushion cut diamond known to be one of the most alluring and remarkable diamonds in the world.

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