Vintage Sapphire Diamond Rings throughout History

The word sapphire originated from the Greek word ‘sappheiros’ which means ‘blue stone’. Their unique color profile has made sapphires a very popular choice for jewelry. In spite of its etymology, this stone is said to have originated in Sri Lanka, a country which has been one of the largest sapphire producers to date.

Sapphire vintage rings first gained admiration during the 13th century, when it was believed that the color of sapphire would diminish if it was worn by an unfaithful or impure person. Quite interestingly, Pope Innocent III instituted a mandatory waiting time before marriage to see whether any color vanishing happened.

In the 14th and 15th-century, vintage sapphire rings became famous among royal families, because to them sapphires symbolized truth, love, and commitment. In the 20th century, diamond rings with sapphire halos and other gemstones became a trend.

All these years, the use of these stones in rings has been accepted, and a vintage sapphire diamond ring is a top pick for anyone who likes vintage rings. Even though many sapphire colors such as pink, orange, and green exist, the most common color of a vintage sapphire diamond ring is blue.

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