What you Need to Know about Antique Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings?

In simple words, Asscher cut can be defined as a step diamond ring cut with greater sparkle and brilliance. These stunning attributes of Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are due to the symmetry of the cut and elegant facet arrangement.

The Asscher cut, which is considered as the first patented diamond ring cut, was introduced in the year 1902 by Joseph Asscher. In fact, there are two different versions of the Asscher cut, which is the Royal Asscher cut and the Standard Asscher cut. The former diamond ring cut contains 58 facets, while the latter has 75 facets.

Most of the antique Asscher cut diamond engagement rings available in the market contains the contemporary sophisticated look of the princess cut with the vintage touch of the emerald cut. If your loved one is looking for an eye-catching and stunning ring, then it is best to settle for a vintage Asscher cut diamond ring.


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