Useful Tips for Shopping Heart Shaped Diamond Wedding Rings

Besides, a heart-shaped diamond indicates characteristics such as passion, love, and romance.

You need to consider a few crucial points though, especially when you plan on buying a fancy cut diamond ring.



  • Look for the cut symmetry of the heart-shaped diamond. Simply put, one side of a decent heart diamond ought to be the mirror image of its other side. This is very important because even the slightest difference in the symmetry will easily catch the attention of people when it comes to this unique diamond ring cut.
  • Make sure that there is a notable and appropriate cleft in between each side of the heart diamond. In addition, each wing of the diamond must be well rounded in order to offer a graceful appeal. So it is necessary to see your heart-shaped diamond rings under a loupe before making the purchase.
  • Check the Length to Width ratio of the diamond. When it comes to a perfect heart-shaped diamond, the LTW ranges from 0.95 to 1.5. Any stone that has lesser or higher LTW will look wider or elongated.
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