Upgrading to a Platinum Diamond Ring

An 18k white gold diamond ring is a beautiful thing to have. However, it is possible to grow tired of the metal choice and begin to want something different, and possibly even better.

One of the main reasons for wanting to move on from 18k white gold is that the color of the diamond engagement ring has started to become inconsistent. This can be because of Rhodium in the finish of the ring beginning wear off, taking away some of the characteristic white color of the ring. Without this layer, the gold underneath begins to look off-white, white gold is technically 75 percent yellow gold and 25 percent Rhodium.

Rhodium is a hard metal, which is added through electrolysis after polishing the ring’s surface. It is a common misconception that the loss of white coloration means the metal being tarnished.

The Advantage of Platinum

Platinum does not have to be plated with Rhodium to make it look white its color is natural. It can be simply polished to restore any lost shine. Platinum is also intrinsically more valuable as well as hypoallergenic and relatively rare. It is heavier than white gold by a third, which is adds a great feel on an expensive ring. Platinum is also denser and more durable than the other white metal alternatives, Palladium and White Gold.

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