Unique Gold Ring Settings for Diamonds

Unique Gold Ring Settings for Diamonds

One must always consider a setting that is perfect to define your personality and lifestyle. If you are looking for something unique and extraordinary, below are some of the ideal gold ring settings for diamonds.




Gypsy Diamond Rings

In this type of designs, the diamonds are hammered to a thick and wide diamond ring band. Hence, the diamonds will sit flush with the metal surface. In order to offer extra protection, the gemstones will be glued onto the metal. Furthermore, this type of ring will be designed in such a way that it domes up at the center so as to add to its overall appeal.

Bar Set Diamond Ring

This type of gold ring settings for diamonds almost resembles a channel diamond ring setting. Here, the gemstones are set together on the diamond ring band. However, each diamond accent is separated as well as secured by means of bar-like structures here, instead of encasing it entirely from both sides. Hence, the sparkle offered by bar set diamond rings will be better when compared to its channel set counterparts.

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