Types of Square Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Types of Square Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

If you are looking to buy a square cut diamond ring, given below are six types of square cut diamond centerpieces you can choose from.




Emerald – It is a step cut that mostly comes in a rectangular shape. However, it will have an almost square shape when its length and width are approximately equal.

Princess This cut comes next to the round brilliant cut in terms of shine. These cuts are available in a square as well as rectangular shape.

Cushion This cut can also be a square or rectangular shape, but the main feature here is its rounded corners that resemble a pillow.

Asscher Asscher cut can be called as the square variation of an emerald cut and both these cuts have identical face alignments.

Baguette – Mainly used as side stones, the baguette cut is a tapered square cut. Even when the length to width ratio is 1:1, it looks rectangular in shape.

Radiant – This cut has characteristics of a brilliant cut as well as a step cut. Radiant cut is also available in rectangular as well as square shape.

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