Two Stylish Modern Diamond Wedding Rings to Choose From

Given below are the two modern diamond ring trends, which are widely popular these days.

Twisted Rings

The main two types of twisted wedding rings used as modern diamond wedding rings are, rings with East-West settings and upside-down rings. One of the designs for the upside-down rings is a pear cut diamond as the center diamond embedded at the bottom of the band instead of setting in the middle of the band.

The East-West settings, on the other hand, features a horizontal setting for rectangular and elongated stone cuts, such as radiant, marquise, oval, emerald, cushion, etc,

Oval Centerpiece

Yet another style of modern diamond wedding rings is having an oval centerpiece. These diamonds feature round brilliant cut, which is more than enough to attract modern brides. When oval cut diamonds are set horizontally, it adds more charm to the diamond ring. A vertical setting can be used for those who have thick or short fingers. Adding side stones or choosing a solitaire and pairing this shape with a halo can add more brilliance to the stone.

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