Two Hollywood Movies with Famous Diamonds

Directors and filmmakers have often sought the help of elegantly designed diamonds to captivate our attention and shine our imagination while we are engaged in an interesting story line. In fact, some of the most popular diamond rings worn by A-list Hollywood celebs in movies are the inspiration behind many of the elegant ring designs of today. Below are two examples in that regard.

  • In the adventurous and exciting ‘Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom’ movie, Harrison Ford ends up at a village where a dangerous cult has stolen the Sankara stone, a historically famous diamond with magical powers. The evil cult believes that the will be able to control the entire world if they are able to collect all the five Sankara diamonds.
  • The spin-off to the famous Ocean’s trilogy that featured an all-female main cast might not have managed to do well in the box office. However, the latest film that focuses on the notorious con sister of Danny Ocean can still be considered as a fine heist movie. The remarkable and stunning 150 million dollar diamond necklace worn by Anne Hathaway in the movie instantly grabbed the attention of the ones who love diamond jewelry.
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