Two Diamond Engagement Ring Trends That Attract Celebrities

Two Diamond Engagement Ring Trends That Attract Celebrities

When looking to buy an engagement ring, it can be quite beneficial to have a look at those worn by celebrities. Often, the jewelry choices of rich and famous people influence the choices of their followers. So, if you want some inspiration when it comes to choosing a diamond ring style, look no further but to the person you adore the most.

Pear-Shaped Diamond Rings

A pear-shaped diamond gets its name due to its unique shape, which has a rounded as well as pointed end. Also called a teardrop diamond, it is a combination of classic round and marquise cut diamond, which gives a stylish and elongated look that is sure to please modern brides. Victoria Beckham and Sophie Turner are two popular celebrities who sport pear-shaped diamond rings.

Synthetic Diamonds Rings

Engagement rings featuring synthetic diamonds have earned a good reputation in the recent years, as they are grown in laboratory conditions, which replicate the conditions in which natural diamonds form. Some celebrities have chose this non-traditional option as a means of appealing to a wider demographic, and choosing not to flaunt wealth. However, most celebrities subscribe to buying rings that match their financial situation and lifestyle.

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