Two Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Diamond Rings

Two Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Diamond Rings

If you ever buy diamond ring pieces to fill your jewelry box, avoid the following mistakes to get the most value for your money.



Selecting a Diamond with Best Color and Clarity

Choosing the best clarity and color diamond by paying a premium price is not always a wise thing to do, as attested to by experienced jewelers. The naked eye cannot really tell the distinction between a diamond with extremely top rated color and clarity, and one with ratings just below.

The color of the gem is measured upon a scale of D to J, with D being the best. However, a diamond with G color would look just about the same as another with D color unless the two are assessed under 10x magnification.

Flawless or FL is the top diamond clarity grade, going down to SI-2, meaning it has some blemishes and marks. Often, jewelers recommend a diamond with VS-1 (very slight inclusions) clarity grade.



Narrow bands are extremely popular these days, mainly because a diamond set on a thinner band looks bigger. It makes for a beautiful diamond ring, though choosing an extremely narrow band would not be wise in terms of durability.

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