Two Antique Diamond Cuts to Look for in Vintage-Inspired Rings

Vintage diamond cuts may seem unique to modern-day couples who are unfamiliar with the cuts, although vintage diamond rings resemble the era that inspired them. Vintage diamond cuts are not as radiant as round brilliant diamonds and other modern cuts, but some still feature a lustrous shimmer, subtlety, as well as heirloom feel. If you love diamond rings for these traits, below are two vintage diamond cuts to look for in vintage-inspired rings.

Rose Cut Diamonds

With a dome-shaped top portion that makes it way down to its widest point, the rose cut diamond shape resembles that of a rosebud. This diamond cut traces back to the 16th Century and remained prevalent during the Gregorian as well as Victorian eras. Instead of focusing on the fire and brilliance of the diamond, the rose cut highlights its surface luster.

Old Mine Cut Diamonds

This diamond cut, which traces back to 18th Century, was also in vogue during the Georgian and Victorian periods. It was invented prior to when jewelers started to understand how light moves through the gemstone, so old mine diamond cuts comprised faceting around its natural edges. Considered an early version of modern cushion cut diamonds, old mine cut features a square girdle and smoothly rounded corners.

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