Two Amazing Settings for Princess Cut Diamond Eternity Rings

In case of eternity rings for women, princess cut diamond rings will be a great because of its unique shape as well as the utmost sparkle. Along with the diamond, the type of settings that you consider is also of great value. Two of the best settings for princess cut diamond eternity rings are given below.

Bar Setting

In this type of setting for princess cut diamond eternity rings, tiny princess cut diamonds are paved on a platinum band. Here, the gemstones are secured by means of mini prongs as well as the bars that are given in between the gemstones. This way, you will get a decent sparkle and good security for your eternity diamond ring at a comparatively affordable price.

Channel Setting

The diamonds are inlaid into the grooves on a metal band in princess cut diamond eternity rings that employ a channel setting, However, the sparkle will be comparatively low in this case as only a minimum surface area of gemstones is exposed here. This type of diamond rings will be ideal for people with hands-on lifestyle as it offers maximum security. Additionally, channel set eternity rings will not snag on clothes or other fabrics since there are no prongs in this design.

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