Trendy Designs for Baguette Diamond Eternity Rings

Trendy Designs for Baguette Diamond Eternity Rings

An eternity diamond ring is the symbol of true love and it is gifted to your partner in order to mark an important milestone in your relationship. Usually, the occasions like anniversaries, the birth of your child, etc., are considered here. Without any doubts, most people may prefer a ring that exhibits a luxurious and sparkling appeal. For this, baguette diamond eternity rings will be perfect. Some of the trendy designs that you may consider for your baguette diamond eternity rings are given below.

Classic Baguette Diamond Ring

This is the most basic type of baguette type ring. In this design, a medium-sized platinum band is paved entirely with baguette diamonds. Here, the gemstones are arranged in such a way that it displays a continuous array of sparkle.

Simple Eternity Ring

This type of designs will be ideal for all those couples who prefer a ring that showcase luxury as well as simplicity. Here, a thin platinum band is embellished using elongated baguettes and melee diamonds in an alternating pattern. The gemstones in the ring are secured by means of a bar setting.

Baguette Eternity Ring with Accents

This type of diamond rings will be ideal for all those couples who give priority to the overall bling. Here, a platinum band baguette diamond ring is beautified by paving melee diamonds at the edge of each band. Note that channel and prong settings are used here to secure the gemstones.

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