Traveling with your New Diamond Engagement Ring

You cannot stay on cloud nine all the time – you have to step down into reality and start planning for what comes next. However, that involves traveling with your diamond ring.



Should you Wear the Ring All the Time?

It is understandable to want to wear the 1-carat diamond white gold engagement ring at all times because it is new and you adore it. However, you may have a part in activities, which are not conducive to this, such as doing the dishes, cleaning the living room, gardening, etc. Traveling is another of those things, which can cause your ring to be damaged or misplaced, not to mention stolen.

To be able to protect your engagement ring, you should consider the type of traveling you would be doing. If you are going camping, you will need a jewelry box to keep the ring safe inside; if you are simply driving cross-country, you can leave the ring on and be careful with it.

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