Which Settings Complement Trapezoid Diamond Engagement Rings?

The trapezoid diamond engagement rings look more like a triangular shape but with an end cut off. The trapezoid cut diamond is primarily used for accent diamonds and can be brilliant or step cut.

The brilliant cut trapezoid appears with rectangular centerpiece diamonds having a princess or a radiant cut, especially. The trapezoids that are step-cut are typically arranged as side stones with Asscher or even emerald cut serving as the center stone. The emerald cut, which is of rectangular shape, is perfect for trapezoid diamond rings that have step-cut side stones. This is because the emerald cut diamond mounted and the centerpiece stone is elongated enough for accommodating a small sized accent stone in between its cut sides.

Trapezoids can add to the diamond ring being versatile-shaped side stones. Henceforth, diamond makers use the trapezoid cut style with several centerpiece diamond shapes including emerald. The trapeze diamonds used to be step-cut traditionally, but in the recent past, the brilliant cut trapeze has become popular owing to the popularity of princess and radiant cut diamonds.


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