Top Three Reasons to Choose a Solitaire Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Given below are some great reasons why you can choose a solitaire princess cut diamond ring.

Brilliant Sparkle

Diamonds are all about sparkle. Though the round brilliants top the list for it wonderful sparkle, the princess cut comes right next to it, and it is ideal for you if you need a shape other than the regular round diamond. Princess cut usually has 58 facets and some may even have up to 144 facets giving it the beautiful sparkle.

Modern Style

A solitaire princess cut diamond ring can be the perfect style that goes very well with any settings and any colored metal band. This cut is versatile, stylish, and simple, yet has a beautiful look making it an excellent choice for anyone who likes its style.

Extra Volume

It will be quite surprising to know that in round brilliant and marquise cuts, only 40% of the stone is used. On the other hand, the princess cut uses 80% of the stone, and this factor is beneficial to the seller as well as the buyer. Due to this, the jewelers most often use the best quality cut stones.

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