Top Diamond Ring Choices for Women Who Love Modern Designs

Most women who love modern styles and designs usually appreciate diamond rings with lots of sparkles and the ones that are set in a unique diamond ring setting. If you are someone who wishes to make a strong statement with your diamond engagement ring, then it is best to invest in a ring featuring a modern design.

Emerald cut diamond wedding rings have gone on to become one of the most popular choices of many Hollywood celebrities. Amal Clooney, Hayden Panettiere, and Liv Tyler have been spotted wearing their emerald cut diamond wedding rings on multiple occasions. So, channel your inner celebrity by buying an emerald diamond ring with sparkling baguettes.

Oval cut diamond ring has the unique ability to steal the spotlight and they look excellent on any finger. These rings combine a modern style with a vintage appearance, which makes them an ideal choice for a person who loves to wear rings that share a mix of traditional and modern styles.

Another beautiful option available to you is the rose gold diamond ring. The coppery shimmer of these bands significantly boost their sparkle and makes them a suitable diamond ring option for those who love to be the center of attention.

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