Top Designs for Vintage Oval Diamond Engagement Rings

In that regard, vintage designs are a timeless choice, and if you are a vintage lover who prefers oval diamonds, given below are a few designs you can try.




Cathedral Settings with Baguette Side Stones

In this type of vintage oval diamond engagement ring, the oval cut diamond is set in a cathedral setting and has a baguette side stone on each side. A gold band will be the perfect metal choice that goes well with these natural diamonds.

Halo Milgrain Weave Design

This vintage ring features an oval cut diamond as the centerpiece complemented with a rose gold band. This ring has halo milgrain details etched in the metal band. These beautiful details paired with an oval stone will give a perfect vintage look.

Solitaire Hear Scroll Style

You can go for this style for a unique vintage oval diamond engagement ring. Here, the oval diamond is the center stone, and a heart scroll design is provided on either side. To add more elegance, choosing a white gold or platinum band will be the best choice.

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