Top 3 Classic Round Diamond Engagement Ring Alternatives

Even though approximately 70 percent of the diamond engagement rings purchased are round, Buyers still look for classic round diamond alternatives. There has been an increase in the demand for round diamond ring alternatives over the last few years. This is mainly because most brides love unique and modern diamond rings shapes.

Emerald cut diamond rings are one of the best alternatives to classic round diamond engagement rings. The vintage feel and elongated shape of the emerald cut diamond exude class and royalty. Emerald shape diamond rings look bigger than round diamond rings and they can be relatively cheaper too.

Customers who are looking for a slight variation of the classic round diamond ring may instantly fall in love with the oval shape diamond rings. Oval cut diamonds show fewer flaws when compared to a classic round diamond engagement ring and they also appear to be slightly bigger than round shaped diamond rings.

Princess cut diamond rings are another popular classic round diamond ring alternative available out there. These diamonds have the ability to retain 80 percent of the rough diamond, which in turn allows them to sparkle and shine a lot more than classic round shaped diamond rings.

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