Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

Top 10 Tips for Planning the Perfect Wedding

You've finally gotten engaged to the love of your life. You can't stop staring at your lovely RockHer engagement ring and posting pictures of your newly bedazzled hand. Your dream proposal has happened, and now you find yourself thinking,"what's next?" How do I even begin planning a wedding? Well, here are some tips to help you turn your vision into reality.


1. To begin, sit down with your partner and discuss how you both see that day going. Discuss your budget, number of guests, and preferred locations in order to make sure you're both on the same page.


2. Select a date: Most venues start booking a year in advance and destination weddings take longer to plan due to the logistics of planning from afar. Take into account the day of the week. Most venues offer a better price for Friday or Sunday weddings. This is something to consider with your partner because it really does offer many couples a better value for a more lavish venue. Don't forget to make sure your preferred vendors are available on the day you choose. Often, a venue will have a great date ready for you, but your photographer or florist is not available.


3. Be clear on the number of guests you wish to invite. This makes a difference in the price of the catering. You don't want to overbook the number of guests and end up paying for empty seats, nor do you want to underestimate the number of RSVPs and not have enough space for them last minute.


4. Don't be afraid to make decisions. Often, brides are indecisive and by the time they make up their minds they are too late making deposits and securing a number of vendors.


5. Make a spreadsheet! This is a lifesaver for every couple. Make it easy to share and update as things go along. There are many different programs and apps to help you structure your lists.


6. Secure all of your vendors within the first 6 months. This gives you peace of mind knowing you've made all the major decisions and can now focus on the beautiful and fun details.


7. Make your wedding feel like "you". Couples can get caught up in the excitement and endless Pinterest images on how to make your wedding even more amazing, but don't get too caught up in what everyone else is doing and make your wedding personal, intimate, and authentically "you".


8. Pick out your wedding bands! If you haven't already purchased one that matches or goes with your engagement ring, take the time to select one with your partner. Discuss if you want his/her band to match with one another, or if he would prefer a unique band on his own. Our collection of wedding rings are so stunning and you will be happy that you chose one that will symbolize your new journey together.


9. Bridal Jewelry: Some brides accessorize the day they buy their wedding gown, others leave it on the back burner and have hunt down bling on their wedding day. Whether they choose diamond stud earrings or a daring necklace, our jewelry line is the one place you will find all the accessories you've been searching for. Don't forget the mother of the bride, mother of the groom, maid of honor, and your bridesmaids when making these decisions. They will need to feel and look just as lovely as the bride.


10. Take a private moment on the actual day with your new spouse and take in the scenery. Have a moment together that allows you to take a deep breath, and enjoy how everything comes together.

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