Tips to Choose a Cheap Canary Diamond Wedding Ring

Tips to Choose a Cheap Canary Diamond Wedding Ring

If you are planning to make a cheap canary diamond wedding ring purchase, consider the below factors to reduce the price of the diamond.

Go for Less Saturated Color

Fancy colored diamonds are priced mainly according to their color. Canary diamonds have a range of colors from faint yellow to fancy deep yellow, with the latter being the most expensive. Therefore, you can choose a less intense color for your canary diamond wedding ring to cut down the costs.

Buy Synthetic or Treated Diamond

Choosing a treated canary diamond will save you a considerable amount of money. Synthetic fancy yellow colored diamonds are cheaper than naturally occurring canary diamonds as they are lab created. However, synthetic diamonds have the same properties as that of a mined diamond.

Pick Band Metal Wisely

Yet another factor that contributes to the cost of a canary ring is the band metal choice. Platinum is a popular pick, but a highly expensive choice. Thus, you can go for a white gold band as an alternative to platinum; white gold is not only cheaper, but it also looks similar to platinum.

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