Tips for Buying a Budget Diamond Ring

Tips for Buying a Budget Diamond Ring

Everyone wants a spectacular diamond engagement ring, but most want it an affordable price. However, you might not want to compromise on the brilliance or quality of the gemstone in your search for a budget friendly diamond ring. So below are some useful tips that you can consider to cut down the costs.

Type of Accent Stones

Most experts recommend an accented diamond engagement ring in order to get the best bang for your buck. If you are looking for affordable diamond rings it would be a good idea to choose a brilliant natural diamond as the centerpiece and lab-created stones as the accents. Of course, lab-grown gemstones will be less expensive when compared to natural Earth-mined diamonds, but they will not be appraised at a high price and will detract from the overall value and investment of the ring.

Consider your Priorities

While looking for a cheap diamond ring, you must first figure out your priorities. For instance, if you prefer a huge diamond, it will be a good idea to focus on the clarity and cut of a gemstone rather than its color quality. The former qualities will cover up the poor color quality of a gemstone.

Cluster Setting

Without any doubts, it will raise your cost if you purchase a cluster-set diamond ring when compared to a solitaire diamond ring. The settings such as halo and three stone are some good options to trim down your diamond ring price.

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