Three Tips to Take Care of a Vintage Gold Diamond Ring

Your vintage gold diamond ring is no doubt precious and dear to you. It goes without saying that you would need it to take good care of it. Given below are three useful tips to leave your vintage gold diamond ring brilliant and enduring.

Regular Cleaning

Get your vintage ring cleaned at least three times a year. You can clean it by yourself for the first two times, while for the third time you should probably get it cleaned by a professional jewelry cleaner. To clean it yourself, take a solution of soap and warm water, soak the ring in it for 20 minutes, and then dry it using a soft cloth.

Manual Work

Though the diamond in your vintage gold diamond ring is the hardest stone in existence, it can still get chipped or damaged when exposed to heavy pressure from the right angles. Therefore, it is wise to avoid wearing it while doing manual work or lifting heavy weights. Moreover, do not wear it during outdoor activities and sports.


You might be thinking that wearing your vintage ring on your finger all the time ensures it will not get lost or damaged. However, to be on the safe side, get the piece insured. For this, go with a trusted jewelry insurance provider, and check their policies and guidelines before insuring.

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