Three Ring Metals for the Pave Setting

A good thing about paving rings is that their total carat weight will be higher when compared to other engagement ring styles. This is because many secondary diamonds are set in the band.

Yellow Gold Pairing

Yellow gold is the most traditional metal used in engagement bands and makes a great pair in a 1 carat pave diamond ring. Yellow gold rings are often found to be solitaires, although putting in more diamonds along the band’s side is a good way to up the sparkle.

Rose Gold Pave

Rose gold is very popular nowadays, because of the romantic look it brings to the wearer’s finger. The pink hue goes beautifully with the skin and is also good when you pair it with white diamonds. You can add more diamonds on the band to make the rose gold really shine.

White Gold

White gold brings a shiny white sheen, which when paired with pave diamonds, gives an augmented sparkle. White gold is also known to work well with other styles.

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