Three Popular Diamond Ring Vintage Designs

Most of the vintage diamond engagement rings available in the market feature ingenious jewelry designs from a myriad of historical periods. However, the wide variety of vintage style diamond rings may be overwhelming, especially when you may not be sure that a vintage style ring is the right choice for your loved one.

The halo style is one of the most popular vintage style diamond rings out there. This vintage diamond ring style was dominant in the Art Deco era. Even though years have passed, the halo style continues to be immensely popular among brides who are looking for vintage diamond engagement rings.

The scroll motif design is considered to be the oldest diamond ring design by experts. Most of the diamond rings that were made during the Art Deco and Edwardian eras utilized this type of vintage design. However, vintage diamond rings with the scroll motif design are not as popular today.

The bow motif diamond ring design is common in jewelry and diamond rings from the Edwardian era. This vintage diamond ring design was able to bring more attention to the fingers of the wearer, which is why brides still love the bow motif diamond ring design.

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