Three Popular Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

If you wish to avoid such hassles while you are shopping for diamond rings, you will need to know about the popular diamond engagement ring styles that are trending in the market. Below is a brief guide on three of the most famous choices.




Classic solitaire is one of the most accepted diamond engagement ring styles worldwide. Any diamond ring shape or cut looks excellent in solitaire diamond ring setting be it a princess cut, radiant cut, cushion cut, or heart-shaped diamond.


If your fiancée is a person who loves an extra touch of sparkle on her diamond engagement ring, then it is best to choose diamond rings with halo style. Halo diamond ring style either comes with a single row of diamonds that surrounds the center stone or it could be a double row of gemstones.

Trilogy or Multistone

The flexibility and natural elegance of trilogy diamond ring style have made them one of the most loved choices of modern brides. So if your partner loves diamond rings with multiple stones, then you should invest in an engagement ring with 3 diamonds.

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