Three Beautiful Vintage Diamond Band Rings Styles

Its unique appearance makes vintage diamond rings stand out from the crowd. Undoubtedly, there are more than enough fans for vintage diamond band rings. Given below are three timeless styles in that regard.

Floral Filigree Band

For anyone who loves flowers, a ring with floral filigree inspired from the Victorian and Edwardian eras will be a perfect pick. The round brilliant cut stones pave set along the band add a great fire and sparkle to the ring, and enhance the overall looks of the ring.

Rose Gold Knife Edge Band

If you like rose gold, then this style is for you. In this vintage diamond band rings design, 54 round brilliants are set along the band on either side of the metal running through the center. As there is a number of diamonds in this ring, the sparkle will be beautiful.

The Eternity Band

Yet another popular style for vintage diamond rings is the eternity ring. When it comes to this design, Asscher cut diamonds are the default pick, set in the Art Deco style in U-prong settings encircling the whole band.

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