Things you Wish you Knew about a Pear Shaped Diamond Wedding Ring

Few people who own a pear-shaped diamond wedding ring are not aware of the fact that these cuts have been around us for more than 500 years. This means that the pear-shaped diamond cut is one of oldest diamond ring cuts.




Customers who are planning to buy a pear-shaped diamond wedding ring for their loved one should look for rings with perfect symmetry. Each section of the diamond ring must look like a mirror image of the other one if the ring is divided right through its center. Pear-shaped diamond wedding ring with perfect symmetry will have more shine and it will also highlight the center stone in the diamond ring.





In addition to that, customers who are buying pear cut diamond rings should note that the ideal length to width ratio of these types of diamond rings is around 1.50 to 1.75. It is crucial to note that the stones in pear cut diamond rings with length to width ratio less than 1.50 will look a little bit squat.

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