Things you Should Know about Step Cut Diamond Rings

This diamond ring cut is often classified into different categories based on its shape such as rose, mixed, step cut, and brilliant. Each one of these diamond ring cut families has their own set of pros and cons. However, the best and most popular diamond ring cut is surely the step cut.

Most of the step cut diamond engagement rings available in the market contains eight lines that run down from the sides of the ring. These lines instantly draw the viewers’ attention to the center stone of diamond engagement rings. The stepped facets that run along the width and length of these nice diamond rings in parallel lines resemble the steps of a pyramid or Aztec temple.

The facets in these types of diamond rings look a little bit larger than that of brilliant cut diamond rings. These facets in these rings are also arranged in such a way that they look exactly like steps, which is why they are called as step cut diamond rings. The dazzling “hall of mirrors” effect created by step cut diamond rings due to their facets is one of the major reasons for their immense popularity.

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