Things you May Not Know about the Color of Different Diamonds

If you check the certification documents of your preferred colored diamond ring, then you will be easily able to determine its color grade.

Orange diamonds are one of the rarest and valuable colored diamonds available on the Earth. The distinct orange color of these gemstones is due to the presence of boron impurity within them at the time of formation. Several customers claim that the orange color of these stones represents enthusiasm, energy, and courage.

Red is the rarest colored diamond available out there. In fact, there are only twenty to thirty high-quality red diamonds out there. The color of these diamonds is due to plastic deformation in the lattice structure of the stone. The color of red diamonds symbolizes power, confidence, passion, and strength.

On the other hand, the characteristic brown color of brown diamonds is due to the presence of nitrogen within the naturally occurring gemstones during the formation process. It is believed that the brown color of these stones represents purity, stability, and order.

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