Things you May Not Know about Rose Cut Diamond Rings

The demand for antique rose cut diamond rings was not that high over the last couple of centuries; they have got into popularity in the last four years or so.

It can be said that this “olde worlde” diamond cut regained its popularity when Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston back in the year 2012 by presenting her an 8-carat antique rose cut engagement ring.

Most of the rose cut diamond rings come with a flat bottom and they usually have no pavilion. This means that rose cut diamond rings do not have the optical properties of diamond rings with complex cuts. Still, the domed part with 24 facets makes them an ideal choice for customers who are looking for diamond engagement rings.

Rose cut diamond rings are one of the most varied diamond shapes ever produced. So, if you are your loved one is trying to make a bold statement by settling for a unique diamond engagement ring, then you should consider settling for a rose cut diamond ring.

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